Historic photo capturing the Caviglia Brothers in 1981, offering a glimpse into the family's legacy and early years of citrus farming.
Al (left) and Jim Jr. (right) at their packinghouse in Sunnyvale, CA

Our Story

The Caviglia family began farming in 1916 near Sunnyvale, California, led by Jim Caviglia Sr. and his sons Al and Jim Jr., specializing in pears and cherries under the “Airdrome” label. As urbanization grew in Sunnyvale during the 1940s/1950s, Jim Jr. relocated to the Central Valley near Ivanhoe, California, where he and his sons Chris and Gary ventured into citrus farming. Today, Chris and his son Matt, of Caviglia Brothers Citrus, proudly continue this family tradition, dedicated to producing high-quality, delightful citrus.